February 4 2015


Information Technology

LeMarson: The 1st Social Network of Computer Trends

It’s a well-known fact that computer managers are incredibly pressed for time. Overwhelmed by their daily responsibilities and deadlines, it is often difficult for them to stay in tune with the latest technological developments.

Seminars, Web searches and supplier meetings remain their main sources of information.

Web and book content come together

On January 1, 2015, LeMarson—the first social network exclusively dedicated to computer trends—was introduced to the world. Initiated by Claude Marson, a prominent figure in the world of digital technology and trainer at Technologia, this inspiring project will doubtless meet its aim of becoming an essential companion and tool for every computer specialist.

The inspiration behind LeMarson’s creation is two-fold, and was inspired by the fact that:

  • 80% of computer technicians and managers recognize that they learn very little on the Internet and that they need more concrete, old-school book learning (paper documents, books or magazines rather than a computer screen) in order to truly understand a given topic, protocol or architecture.
  • As fascinating as the Internet is, this particular form of technology tends to drag users from link to link to link, resulting in endless searches and preventing users from actually reading and understanding the information they come across.

LeMarson Is, First And Foremost, A Book—One That Truly Sets Itself Apart From The Rest

Available in French and soon in English, LeMarson is updated on a yearly basis and covers every aspect of computer technology. Given its evolving content, LeMarson is available to users in a subscription format that provides access to a completely revamped version of the book every year along with access to the continually updated portal.


The 2015 version of the book, tackles over 170 different topics presented across 28 chapters. The 2016 version will address a whole new set of topics, requiring a completely new version of the book.

LeMarson is not intended to provide general computer knowledge

LeMarson is meant to be your own personal guide—providing you with everything you need to know, and keeping you up to date on the latest developments. LeMarson is focused on all of the key events and trends in the industry.

LeMarson, by nature and conviction, is a direct and always impartial source. It does not serve as the voice for any source or editor on the market—its sole purpose being to serve those who practice the same profession as its creator.

How does LeMarson stand apart from the mounds of information available on the internet and in the newspapers?

LeMarson sets itself apart by the ability to provide a clear yearly summary on the technologies that influence the day-to-day work of computer managers, eliminate the “noise” by focusing on essential structuring events, gather technological information to help users stay centred on what’s important.

With over 500 pages rewritten every year (based on chosen topics), LeMarson is the first source of its kind on both the publishing and computer market.

LeMarson is also a highly unique internet portal

This portal is one that is focused on informing the user rather than teaching him.

Divided into several distinct sections:

  • The Tout Savoir encyclopedia (over one thousand timeless concepts and techniques explained)
  • Search engine
  • What’s new
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Seminars and tutorials
  • Expert opinions
  • Glossary

And, most importantly, a section that serves as a complement to the Tout ce que vous devez savoir book. This section provides information that corresponds to the each of the book’s 28 chapters and 170 topics including the latest news, a press review, statistics, announcements, case stories, access to archives, a biography, useful Internet sites, presentations and white papers.

Book and portal go hand in hand

The portal provides essential information on the manner in which the book is organized and on the nature of all 170 topics tackled within it.

imageweb2-lemarson imageweb3-lemarson

The magic of QR codes

LeMarson is a yearly updated reference that serves as a reliable and essential "go-to" source for those in the industry and is supported by the portal, which provides the real-time complementary information you need.

To help you connect both of these sources of information, each of the topics addressed in the book is marked with a QR Code which you can simply scan using your tablet or Smartphone for direct access to the portal which will then display all of the information on the topic in question.

One of the chosen topics for the 2015 edition is "augmented reality"—a natural theme for LeMarson to tackle.

LeMarson is, above all, a social network dedicated exclusively to computer trends—the first of its kind, in fact

Indeed, it is this social networking aspect that is truly at the heart of LeMarson. By subscribing, you instantly become a member of the first social networking site exclusively populated by computer professionals from around the globe.

LeMarson boasts all of the functionalities you are accustomed to using on other social networking sites while remaining focused on finding solutions to your work-related computer problems. By sharing information, commenting on the latest news, writing articles, sharing your point of view on the technologies you use, and communicating with individuals within the network, you become an active member who also benefits from the experience of others who are part of this same online community.

A dedicated team

Incredibly forward-looking, LeMarson aims to be your guide. Available in French and soon in English, LeMarson is managed by a dedicated, multidisciplinary international team working around MECI publishing house in Montréal and overseen by Claude Marson, IT Trainer at Technologia.

Subscribe now

Subscribe now and enjoy all advantages of LeMarson for US $ 480 annually ($ 40 US per month). More information at www.lemarson.com.

About Technologia

Since its creation in 1996, Technologia Training has earned a reputation as a leader among service providers in Québec. Offering over 300 courses, Technologia is also the first continuous-learning centre aimed at professionals specialized in information technology, project management and human capital. Technologia is a proud partner of LeMarson.


Éric Marson, Sales Director
Email: info@lemarson.com
Telephone: 514-380-0380

Claude Marson is the Training Advisor for the Seminars and Trends program at Technologia. A leading IT expert in both Europe and Québec, Mr. Marson has over 40 years’ experience in computer science. He has written over 3,000 articles for major French computer magazines as well as four books on the topic of computer networks.