February 16 2015


Information Technology

Launch of 9 New Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing Courses

Technologia once again enhances its offering with the launch of 2 new course programs in Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing.

Developed for organizations that wish to improve their product quality, the software testing courses teach how to organize different types of testing, apply a step-by-step process, and establish and manage a testing team in your company.

The software quality assurance courses (SQA), however, are for companies that want to pro-actively manage quality (meaning improved controls and methods) by setting up the right mechanisms in order to assure and control product and software quality.

This is a progressive training program. 5 training courses provide you with a better understanding of the SQA with an overview of its functions and concepts, executing the SQA during projects, establishing a quality office in your organization and learning the 9 control quality techniques.

A training course about quality and test dashboarding is common to these 2 course programs. This allows measuring the test results and the quality points of control.

A new trainer, Sylvain Ducharme, an expert in quality assurance with more than 25 years of experience in the field, has joined Technologia’s team as the leader of both programs.

About Technologia

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