November 2 2015


E-Learning Space

Technologia launches its new virtual classroom training seminars

Technologia, Quebec training leader in human capital, project management and information technology, is enhancing its E-learning space with the launch of its new virtual classroom training seminars.

A whole new way to learn—anytime and anywhere

Created with the objective of providing a unique learning experience, virtual classrooms combine the advantages of in-class training with those of online training. Innovative and interactive, the virtual classrooms are a powerful tool that enables participants to share and collaborate no matter where they are.

Learners also have the opportunity to take training in real-time, regardless of their geographical location, while being able to enjoy the interaction that comes with an in-class training seminar. All of this is provided in a virtual environment where technology and personal sharing come together in a relaxed yet effective manner.

According to Rémy Racine, Technologia’s President-Director General, “Virtual classroom training is a world that allows everyone to enjoy ongoing training no matter where they are and benefit from the expertise of Technologia and its partners.”

This new approach allows Technologia to offer its clients the high-quality content they are accustomed to receiving, only through a wider range of high-performance training modes.

Through its virtual classrooms, Technologia continues to innovate by offering training that allows learners to reach its experts anytime and anywhere, making it easy for everyone to continue developing their skills.

About Technologia

Since its creation in 1996, Technologia Training has earned its place as a leader among training providers in Québec. As the first ongoing-training centre aimed at professionals specializing in information technologyproject management and human capital, Technologia offers a wide range of flexible training options including more than 300 courses delivered in public or private sessions, either in the classroom or online.


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