A Critical Look at Digital Advertising Campaigns

By studying different cases, you will develop a critical eye for digital advertising campaigns and form important questions


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At the end of this training, the participant will be able to take a critical look at digital advertising campaigns.

Targeted audience

Digital marketing managers or specialists; account managers.



Training Details


  • Unit of Study (US) 1 – The case of Fender: establishing the basic parameters of a digital media campaign
  • US 2 – Data analysis: interpreting results from a digital media campaign
  • US 3 – Looking for errors: best practices for critiquing a digital media campaign
  • US 4 – And how are things at your workplace? Outlining and staging an intervention in your own professional environment

General Note

It is possible that you may have to intervene in your own team’s digital advertising campaigns. It may be necessary to be critical and develop strategic questions. This training will help you interpret the different deliverables that will lead you to a targeted and well-organized campaign.

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Skilled trainer and up-to-date content.

Chantal C. / Agente d'information, École de technologie supérieure

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    December 9 2019

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