A Workshop on Writing Web Pages

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  • Duration 2 days
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    • Montreal
    • Quebec City
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To provide the knowledge and skills required to identify the principles used to build effective Web pages that grab the attention of the reader, and to apply and validate these principles by means of practical exercises.

Targeted audience

Communications managers, Webmasters and anyone involved in writing for a Website.


Basic knowledge of the Internet and word processing.

Customer Testimonials

Advanced trainer, pedagogue. Complete program.

Clotilde P. / Rédactrice, Réviseure, -


  • Basic principles of web site editing: orientation, information and action
  • Clarity, visibility and legibility issues for content
  • The behaviour, needs and expectations of Web surfers (based on eye-tracking studies)
  • Text conciseness and segmentation
  • Classification of pages, navigation and trigger words
  • Managing the space on screen
  • Benefits and constraints of using hyperlinks
  • Creating text and layout based on the logic of the service provided
  • Adapting a paper document for Web-based presentation
  • Integrating elements to improve the visual impact of information
  • Editing a document that can be easily optimized for search engines
  • Editing a blog
  • Social media, content curation and editing
  • Displaying data: guidelines for using graphical elements
  • Editing for mobile devices: the stakes
  • Narrative communication and story-telling
  • Critical reviews of selected web sites and blogs
  • Practical exercises


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Montreal

    June 7 to June 8 2017

  • Montreal

    October 2 to October 3 2017

  • Quebec City

    November 6 to November 7 2017

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