Transforming XML documents using XSLT


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To provide the knowledge and skills required to use XSLT to transform XML documents to a different vocabulary.

Targeted audience

Developers and certain Web specialists.


Familiarity with HTML (Course WE106) and XML (Course WE113)

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Absolutely perfect.

Vianney P. / Analyste-programmeur, Ville de Montréal


  • The components of an XSLT stylesheet
  • The XSLT processing model, and XSLT templates
  • Extracting content
  • Template chaining
  • Conditions, branching, iterators, variables and parameter passing
  • XSLT functions for generating unique ids, formatting numbers and accessing external XML documents
  • Defining display formats for numbers
  • Sorting
  • Copying a subtree of nodes
  • Including and importing an external XSLT stylesheet
  • Working with multiple namespaces in the source or transformed document
  • The key mechanism
  • Different notions of XSLT 2.0: grouping, sequences, ouput in various files with result-document
  • Multi-pass processing

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