Introduction to XML: Syntax, XPath and Namespaces


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To provide the knowledge and skills required to create, validate and manipulate information in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format, and to create and use XPath queries on XML documents.

Targeted audience

Developers, Web specialists and network specialists.


Familiarity with the Internet and software or web development.

Customer Testimonials

Very useful for a person starting with XML.

Patrick B. / Ingénieur, Hydro-Québec


  • Overview: XML vs. SGML vs. HTML
  • Well-formed XML: syntax rules and syntactical analyzers
  • Information sources and tools for creating XML content
  • Unicode and XML text
  • Vocabularies and namespaces
  • XPath: definition of a path, the principal axes, predicates, selectors and XPath functions
  • Valid XML: associating a document type definition (DTD) or an XML schema with an XML document
  • Presenting an XML document: associating an XSL transformation (XSLT) or a CSS style sheet

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