Introduction to XML and XML Schemas for Developers


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To provide the knowledge and skills required to create and use XML Schemas Schemas (also known as W3C Schemas) in the context of data exchange.

Targeted audience

Content architects and programmers.


Knowledge of XML (Course WE113) and object-oriented programming principles is desirable.

Customer Testimonials

Good notion for understanding the W3C schemas.

Charles C. / Analyste d'affaires TI, Intact Assurances


  • Lexical space and value space
  • Predefined types in W3C Schemas and their facets
  • Simple types: derivation by restriction
  • Complex types: simple content (addition of attributes only) and complex content
  • Complex content: particles, connectors (sequence, choice, all) and defining cardinality
  • Derivation from complex types by extension and restriction
  • Substitution groups
  • Integrity constraints and key mechanisms
  • Validating documents with a mixture of vocabularies
  • Including schemas and redefinition
  • Explicitly documenting a schema
  • Modeling techniques: the Russian doll approach, flat catalogs, named complex types

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