HTML5: Sensor API and Notifications

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  • Duration 2 days
  • Regular fee 905
  • Preferential fee 815?
  • Locations
    • Montreal
  • Laboratory


Learn how to access different sensors and receive notifications using HTML5’s modern APIs.

Targeted audience

Web integrators and developers, particularly those in charge of the customer layer.


HTML5 (Course WE169).

Training Details


  • Outdoor geolocation using the geolocation API
  • Accessing the camera and microphone
  • Activitating full-screen mode
  • Detecting device orientation
  • Sending notifications using the notification API
  • Sending a series of vibrations using vibration API
  • Using push API
  • Overview of the experimental speech-recognition API
  • Processing touch and pointer events

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  • Montreal

    September 30 to October 1 2020

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