Advanced JavaScript

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  • Duration 2 days
  • Regular fee 905
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To provide the skills and knowledge required to master modern JavaScript techniques with ECMAScript 6 and understand the key patterns used in developing JavaScript frameworks and their extensions.

Targeted audience

Web integrators and developers.


Mastery of JavaScript foundations (Course WE105).

Training Details


  • Table manipulation functions: filter, forEach, map and reduce
  • Review of objects: prototypal inheritance, create and define, property methods
  • Closures
  • A few key JavaScript patterns: module, observer, singleton
  • Properties of ECMAScript 6 (ES6): constants and block scope; destructuring operators; arrow functions; classes; string templates; destructuring; for…of loop; formatting of numbers, dates and currencies; Promise object; modules; generators
  • ECMAScript 8 async/await functions (ES8)

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  • Virtual Classroom

    September 9 to September 10 2020

  • Virtual Classroom

    December 9 to December 10 2020

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