Structuring a Web page using HTML5

Master HTML5 marking: the basis of all Web development


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  • Duration 2 days
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To provide the knowledge and skills required to create Web pages containing text, hyperlinks, images and tables.

Targeted audience

IT specialists (other than managers) and administrative personnel.


Basic knowledge of the Internet and familiarity with a text editor.

Training Details


  • HTML5 fundamentals: elements and attributes
  • Differences between XHTML and HTML5
  • Structure of HTML documents: head and body elements
  • Text formatting using headings, paragraphs, line breaks, highlights and lists
  • Structural elements of HTML5: section, article, header, footer, nav, aside, main, picture, etc.
  • Adding hyperlinks: URLs, relative and absolute addresses, external links, named anchors and internal links
  • Inserting multimedia components: img, audio and video elements and their attributes
  • PNG, GIF, JPG image formats and their characteristics
  • Inserting a multimedia container object: audio (mp3, ogg) or video (webm and mp4)
  • Separating content and presentation in an HTML document
  • Using style sheets with documents
  • Using tables for tabular data

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The trainer provides tools and knowledge you can't find in books.

François K. / Ingénieur biomédical, Institut de réadaptation de Montréal

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    September 8 to September 9 2020

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    November 18 to November 19 2020

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