Data Visualization with D3.js

  • Duration 2 days
  • Regular fee 895
  • Preferential fee 750?
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    • Quebec City
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To provide the knowledge and skills required to use the D3.js library to build sophisticated and dynamic graphics for data visualization purposes.

Targeted audience

Web integrators and developers.


Knowledge of HTML (Course WE106), JavaScript (Course WE105) and CSS (cours WE107).


  • Overview of D3.js
  • Importing data (JSON, XML, csv and tsv)
  • The D3.js API for modifying the DOM: selectors, adding and removing elements
  • Data binding with the data() method
  • The general update pattern: input, update and output
  • Using the D3.js API to learn SVG
  • Styling SVG with CSS rules or attributes
  • The philosophy of construction using functional JavaScript, and setting up a workspace
  • Functions for constructing paths: lines, regions, sectors, symbols, diagonals and chords
  • Managing scaling (quantitative, temporal and ordinal), definition of a domain, creating axes with divisions, subdivisions and labels
  • Formatting dates and numbers on the axes
  • Animations with transitions
  • Interacting with the graphic: click, drag and drop, zooming
  • Overview of several layouts: sectors, frequency, chords, forces and trees
  • Loading geographical data in the TopoJSON or GeoJSON formats
  • Projection functions for visualizing data with a geographical component


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Quebec City

    April 6 to April 7 2017

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