Master Docker virtual container technology to deploy application on the Cloud

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  • Duration 4 days
  • Regular fee 2 400
  • Preferential fee 2 150?
  • Locations
    • Virtual Classroom
  • New course
  • Laboratory


To provide the knowledge and skills required to use Docker in a DevOps environment, understand concepts pertaining to virtual containers, set up security and implement a registry such as the Docker Trusted Registry.

Targeted audience

Architects, developers, integrators, administrators.


Linux commands (essential).

Training Details


  • Introduction to images
  • Image creation
  • System commands
  • Volume management
  • Docker plugins
  • Basic network management
  • Docker Compose
  • Scaling out using Swarm & Kubernetes
  • Docker secret management
  • Introduction to Docker Datacenter
  • Universal Control Plane architecture (UCP)
  • Networks in UCP
  • Access control in UCP (RBAC)
  • Logging
  • Monitoring and recovery
  • UCP Health Check
  • Overview of Docker Trusted Registry (DTR)
  • DTR: organization and teams
  • Content Trust
  • Image scan
  • Repository automation
  • Image caching
  • DTR troubleshooting
  • DDC deployment design

General Note

50% Theory / 50% practice

Exam Note

Knowledge is tested during the semester through workshops that put into practice the ideas and concepts addressed as part of the course.

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*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Virtual Classroom

    November 3 to November 6 2020

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