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Essentials for Mastering Docker

  • Duration 3 days
  • Regular fee 1 935
  • Preferential fee 1 740?
  • Locations
    • Quebec City
    • Montreal
  • Laboratory


Upon completion of the course, participants will have the skills and knowledge required to: understand the positioning of Docker and its containers, use the Docker command line to create containers, implement and deploy multi-container applications, administer and exploit containers for development and production, create a complex continuous integration workflow with containers, have an advanced vision of log centralization in a Docker architecture.

Targeted audience

Linux system administrators and developers.


Good knowledge of Linux and knowledge of Shell.


  • Evolution of virtualization and its applications
  • Overview of Docker
  • Implementing containers
  • Managing images
  • Managing volumes and drivers
  • Docker network model
  • Configuring the Docker Daemon with “systemd”
  • Deploying a multi-container application
  • Cloud provisioning
  • Continuous integration/deployment with Docker
  • Clustering and orchestration of a multi-container application
  • Advanced log management
  • A comparison of orchestrators
  • Overview of monitoring tools for a container environment

Trainer(s) assigned(s)