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  • Duration 2 days
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To provide the knowledge and skills required to construct a style sheet appropriate for specific content and which generates an outcome that can adapt to different platforms (mobile, tablet, office workstation)

Targeted audience

Web integrators, designers and developers.


Knowledge of HTML (Course WE106) and style sheets (Course WE137). Familiarity with CSS grids is desirable.

Training Details


  • Techniques for creating a flexible grid which maintains its proportions when scaled
  • Inserting images and other media in a flexible manner
  • New CSS measurement units (vw, vh, vmin, vmax and rem)
  • Media requests for adjusting the display depending on device characteristics
  • Identifying resolution breakpoints
  • Using scripts adapted to older browsers that do not support media requests
  • Applying the principle of continuous improvement
  • Applying principles of Responsive Web Design for newsletters
  • Review exercise

Customer Testimonials

Provides a good understanding of Web design concepts.

Samuel B. / Développeur web intermédiaire, Openmind Technologies

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  • Virtual Classroom

    September 17 to September 18 2020

  • Virtual Classroom

    November 16 to November 17 2020

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