CSS3 for Web Site Designers


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  • Duration 2 days
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    • Montreal
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To provide the knowledge and skills required to make use of the new features of the CSS-3 specification: new visual effects, improved rendering techniques, animation, and more powerful selectors.

Targeted audience

Web designers, developers and integrators.


Knowledge of HTML (Course WE106) and CSS stylesheets (Courses WE107 and WE137 ).

Customer Testimonials

Highly qualified and interesting trainer. The course goes by very fast. Probably one of the best course taken at Technologia!

Stéphane C. / Technicien en informatique, Université de Sherbrooke


  • Browser support
  • New visual effects: rounded corners, colour and opacity, drop shadows, gradients
  • Animations: transitions, keyframes
  • Advanced techniques: border images, multiple background images, reflections, masks
  • 2D transformations: scaling, translations, rotations, skews
  • Enriched forms
  • Advanced selectors: attributes, structure pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements
  • Layout control: multi-column layouts, text overflow control, using flex boxes
  • Downloadable fonts: @font-face, freeware fonts, font services


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Montreal

    November 9 to November 10 2017

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