CSS3 for Web Site Designers


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  • Duration 2 days
  • Regular fee 905
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To provide the knowledge and skills required to make use of the new features of the CSS-3 specification: new visual effects, improved rendering techniques, animation, and more powerful selectors.

Targeted audience

Web designers, developers and integrators.


Knowledge of HTML (Course WE106) and CSS stylesheets (Courses WE137).

Training Details


  • Browser support
  • New visual effects: rounded corners, colour and opacity, drop shadows, gradients
  • Animations: transitions, keyframes
  • Advanced techniques: border images, multiple background images, reflections, masks
  • 2D transformations: scaling, translations, rotations, skews
  • Enriched forms
  • Advanced selectors: attributes, structure pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements
  • Layout control: multi-column layouts, text overflow control, using flex boxes
  • Downloadable fonts: @font-face, freeware fonts, font services

Customer Testimonials

The trainer provides great explanations and is very entertaining.

Naomie M. / Graphiste, Héritage Saint-Bernard

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  • Virtual Classroom

    September 21 to September 22 2020

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    November 9 to November 10 2020

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