TYPO3 for Edimasters

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To provide the knowledge and skills required to manage the content of a Web site built using TYPO3.

Targeted audience

Webmasters responsible for updating the content of Web sites built with TYPO3.


Experience with text editors and Internet navigation. Knowledge of HTML (Course WE106) is recommended.

Training Details


  • Introduction to TYPO3
  • Basic principles: the difference between the front-end and the back-end
  • User interface features: the modules menu, the page tree and its contextual menu, the content zone, the document header zone
  • Adding a page with its meta-data (type, temporal meta-data, title, navigation title, relative URL, access control parameters, visibility, etc.)
  • Icons: save, save and display, save and quit, quit, add and delete
  • Operations on a page: modify, move, delete
  • Adding multiple pages
  • Adding content elements to a page (text, text plus image, image set, lists, tables, site map, form, email)
  • Managing text with the enriched content interface: editing, highlighting, creating lists, adding and managing hyperlinks, inserting special characters, code clean-up
  • Operations on content: modify, delete, move, reposition
  • Adding images to a page
  • Managing downloadable files

General Note

The course is presented using version TYPO3 9.5

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