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Introduction to Drupal 8

  • Duration 2 DAYS
  • Regular fee 895
  • Preferential fee 760?
  • Locations
  • New course
  • Laboratory


Building, managing and fetching custom content types from scratch

Targeted audience

Web integrators and developers.


Mastering PHP (course WE121) and HTML (course WE106). Basic knowledge of Drupal 7.


  • Overview of different Drupal administration sections (refresher): blocks, menus, taxonomies, users and permissions, installation of an existing module
  • Differences betwen Drupal 7 and 8
  • Presentation of custom content types
  • Creating custom content types
  • Introduction to views
  • Creating a view based on custom content type
  • Presentation of template hierarchy
  • Syntax of Twig language and development of presentation templates
  • Template naming conventions for Twig vs. PHPTemplate
  • Creating custom templates based on type of content and view
  • Multilingual support
  • Building forms (creation, validation)
  • Building a skeleton for a module
  • Syntax of YAML configuration language
  • Module implementation of type of custom content, view, template

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