Introduction to React

  • Duration 2 DAYS
  • Regular fee 895
  • Preferential fee 760?
  • Locations
    • Montreal
  • Laboratory


To provide the knowledge and skills required to use JavaScript React for building reactive user interfaces for Web applications.

Targeted audience

Web integrators and developers, particularly those in charge of the customer layer.


Advanced JavaScript (Course WE105) and mastering DOM (document object model) manipulations.


  • Basic syntax
  • Principle of virtual DOM
  • Using JSX to include XML in JavaScript
  • Creating a component with props and its output
  • PropTypes and their default value
  • Composite components
  • Component hierarchy: using the children property
  • Conditional output
  • Specifying and modifying the component state to add interactivity
  • Event management
  • Lifecycle of components
  • Styling
  • Lists and keys
  • Using the ref attribute to imperatively modify a component outside the dataflow
  • Controlled components for interacting with form fields
  • Creating an application


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Montreal

    November 26 to November 27 2018

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