How design sprints using the Design Thinking approach can stimulate organizations

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Participants will be able to describe the methodology used as well as the activities required before, during and after the design sprint. They will also be able to identify the actions and conditions for success that should be implemented to develop organizational innovation thanks to this approach.

Targeted audience

Transformation project managers, project managers, managers and advisors specialized in performance, innovation, customer experience or user experience (UX).



Training Details


  • Design sprints using the Design Thinking approach (definition, duration and impact)
  • Essential steps, activities and persons that are key to ensuring the best conditions for success
  • Identifying the underlying motivations of internal and external clients in order to launch the creative process of Design Thinking while having a deep derstanding of the issue or opportunity
  • Basics of the Design Thinking process: from ideation to concept development through to quick prototype exercises and validation with key users
  • Overview of exercises used to prompt a design sprint
  • How to recruit key people and get them to collaborate on a strategic project

General Note

This interactive course allows participants to familiarize themselves with the basics of the Design Thinking approach and the Design Sprint formula, developed by Google Ventures. The course is a combination of presentations (30%), practical exercises (50%) and discussions (20%).

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  • Montreal

    September 30 2020

  • Virtual Classroom

    October 15 to October 22 2020 - October 15 and 22 from 10AM to 1PM

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