Resolving Linux Problems


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To provide the knowledge skills necessary to quickly diagnose and resolve problems that Linux system administrators commonly encounter, by means of practical exercises based on real-world cases where the participant diagnoses and resolves problems.

Targeted audience

Linux system administrators.


Practical experience with UNIX administration (Course UN201).

Customer Testimonials

Very well-structured course. It gets straight to the point. Content quality is exceptional.

Jean-François H. / Technicien général maintenance, Société Radio-Canada


  • Introduction to resolving Linux problems. Best practices and effective methodologies.
  • Basic problem resolution tools available on the Internet
  • What to do when nothing works; recovery tools (rescue mode, the operating system bootloader, backups and restores), best recovery practices and examples
  • Resolving start-up problems, practical tips for when the server doesn't start
  • Resolving problems with disks, file systems, LVM and RAID software, users, groups, PAM, quotas, Access Control Lists
  • Handling X Window server failures, keyboard and screen problems, and problems with portables
  • Resolving problems with: installations and updates (RPM, apt), processes (ps, top. strace, ltrace, lsof, ...), the kernel (lsmod, modprobe, ...), networks (ifconfig, ip, route, arp, netstat, nmap, wireshark, ...), network services, tcp wrappers, iptables
  • Resolving problems with the scheduler (cron, at) and the print manager (CUPS)
  • Resolving NFS and SAMBA problems

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