Workshop on quality control techniques as part of a software development project


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Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to apply nine quality control techniques in their software development projects based on their quality-related needs.

Targeted audience

All development and management positions.


Basic knowledge of software quality assurance or completion of Software Quality Assurance for Your projects: Step by Step (course AQ102).

Training Details


  • Usefulness of quality reviews and audits: quality control activities (using an audit list) to prevent errors in software projects
  • What differentiates quality reviews from quality audits
  • Execution of different quality control techniques: cross-referencing, peer review, technical review, process audit, quality inspection, module acceptance, analytical technique, health test and manager review.
  • For each of the techniques outlined above, the following topics will be addressed: overview, execution procedure, form, template and tools required, when to use and practical examples

General Note

To find out more about the tenth quality control technique (i.e.: software testing), see Course TL101.

Customer Testimonials

Useful to properly implement tools and better manage change when implementing control activities.

Manon G. / Chef de section informatique, Commission de la construction du Québec

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  • Virtual Classroom

    December 14 to December 15 2020

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