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Advanced Object-Oriented Design Using Design Patterns

Master these tried and true design concepts.


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To provide the knowledge and skills required to make effective use of Design Patterns, these standardized and proven design techniques that have had enormous success in improving the quality of object-oriented design.

Targeted audience

Software developers


Knowledge of UML notation (Course DE102).

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Very knowledgeable and interesting trainer.

Alexandre C. / Développeur logiciel, Université de Sherbrooke


  • The essential elements, catalog and format of Design Patterns
  • Design strategies and techniques, and re-use mechanisms
  • Patterns for object construction: Abstract factory, Builder, Factory method, Prototype and Singleton
  • Structural patterns (composing objects to create new functionality, and identifying abstract and evolving class structures): Adapter, Bridge, Composite, Decorator, Facade, Flyweight and Proxy
  • Behavioural patterns (evolving and decoupled collaboration): Chain of responsibility, Command, Interpreter, Iterator, Mediator, Memento, Observer, State, Strategy, Template method and Visitor
  • Techniques for improving the design of existing code
  • Practical techniques for selecting a Design Pattern

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