Internet and TCP / IP Security


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To gain a good understanding of security issues and their related challenges on TCP/IP networks and be able to apply appropriate solutions. .

Targeted audience

Network specialists (other than DBAs) as well as those in IT management, project management or general management positions.


Knowledge of TCP/IP (Course RE102).

Customer Testimonials

Very dynamic course. It gave me ideas to implement in my company.

Edgard P. / Conseiller technique, ACCEO Solutions Inc.


  • Review of TCP/IP
  • Weaknesses of TCP/IP, Telnet, FTP, TFTP, DNS and routing protocols: bypass solutions
  • IP Address translation (NAT, PAT) and private addressing
  • Firewalls and IPS/IDS: architecture and management
  • Virtual private network functions with IPSec and SSL/TLS
  • Authentication in IP networks: basic, strong authentication, and with ICP/PKI
  • Security and IP telephony
  • E-mail security (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4) and spam
  • Privacy and e-mail signatures: S/MIME and OpenPGP
  • Web security vulnerabilities identified by OWASP, Java, ActiveX, JavaScript, CGI
  • Web security: SSL, TLS, S-FTP, SSH, certificates, sessions, authentication, cookies
  • The example of kernel security: Apparmor versus SELinux
  • Cloud computing and TCP/IP security

General Note

Note: Intrusion prevention and detection is covered in greater depth in Course RE110.


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Montreal

    October 25 to October 26 2018

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