Introduction to TCP/IP

Learn the basics of TCP/IP


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To become familiar with the role and operation of all protocols from the TCP/IP family.

Targeted audience

Network administrators, Web specialists, IT managers, project managers and directors (other than CEOs)..


Knowledge of network technologies (Course RE101).

Training Details


  • Multi-layer architecture: TCP/IP
  • Public and private IP addresses
  • Routing: routing tables, routing protocols (RIP, OSPF) vs. routed protocols
  • ARP protocol (MAC address resolution) and RARP protocol (MAC reverse address resolution)
  • IP protocol: services, addressing and routing
  • ICMP (Internet Control Message) protocol
  • UDP (User Datagram) protocol: kinematics, ports and datagram format
  • TCP (Transmission Control) protocol: kinematics, ports and segment format
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management) protocol
  • The DNS, FTP/SFTP and Telnet/SSH services
  • TCP/IP security: virtual private networks (VPN), IPSec, SSL and TLS and access control lists
  • Voice over IP, IP telephony
  • The future of TCP/IP: IPv6, Voice over IP, telephony, SNMP V3, MPLS and quality of service (QoS), Cloud Computing

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Really well-built.

Ghislain A. / Chargé de projet: informatique et support, Riobel inc.

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    November 6 2020

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