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Power Query and the M language

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  • Duration 1 day
  • Regular fee 510
  • Preferential fee 460?
  • Locations
    • Quebec City
    • Montreal
  • Laboratory


Power Query is a tool that will greatly simplify data processing and allow you to replay data manipulation scripts after each update without having to be familiar with the programming language.

Targeted audience

Advanced user of Excel 2010-2016 and Power BI Desktop.


Knowledge of SQL Server is not required. Ideally, participants should have basic knowledge of database terminology such as tables, views, columns, rows, relationships, etc.

Training Details


  • Interface: Integration into Excel
  • Interface: Integration into Power BI
  • Importing simple data
  • Combining tables
  • Importing all files of a folder
  • Importing from a database
  • Importing row data
  • Transposing data
  • Importing an unstructured text file
  • Understanding different types of data
  • Grouping data by operation
  • Working with multiple queries
  • Choosing a data destination
  • Refreshing data
  • Sharing queries
  • Discovering the M language through formulas
  • Understanding the M language
  • Creating your own functions

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*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Quebec City

    September 20 2019

  • Montreal

    October 25 2019

  • Quebec City

    April 14 2020

  • Montreal

    April 30 2020

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