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  • Duration 2 days
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  • Project Management Institute 12 PDU


To provide the knowledge and skills required to use the advanced planning capabilities of MS Project.

Targeted audience

Project coordinators and managers (PM2), those in HR and training, finance, purchasing, marketing or sales positions; consultants, department heads, directors, engineers, accountants or administrative personnel.


Practical experience with MS Project (Course GE102).

Special Note

Training Details


  • Sharing resources within multiple projects
  • Managing multiple projects: the master project, inter-project links, and protection of resources
  • Work hours vs. elapsed time
  • The work profile of resources, audit and calendar
  • Creating and customizing views, tables, filters, reports, s-curves and templates
  • Use of multiple planning bases
  • Collaborative features
  • Team planner
  • Creating calculated fields and indicators
  • Added value features: extracting data and creating graphics
  • Exchanging information with other applications: importing and exporting
  • Customization options

General Note

Note: Courses given using Project 2019 or 2016 also cover the functionalities available in Project 2013 and 2010. Versions of this course using Project 2007 or 2003 are available upon request.

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Dynamic trainer who gives relevant examples

Mélanie B. / PCO (Planificateur & contrôleur de coûts), BPR

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  • Virtual Classroom

    November 4 to November 5 2020 - 2016 version

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