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Introduction to application development using Xamarin

Develop your mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms using C#


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  • Duration 4 days
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Discover application development for Android and iOS using a native approach or Xamarin.Forms. Learn how to use XAML and understand the MVVM pattern, promote the code sharing approach and focus on design and user experience. Upon completion of the course, participants will have the skills and knowledge required to use the Xamarin platform to develop their own iOS and Android native mobile apps.

Targeted audience

Developers and programmers in the field of mobile apps.


Knowledge of C# (Course MN201).

Training Details


  • Introduction to Xamarin and comparison with other cross-platform technologies
  • Presentation of the Visual Studio environment in MacOS
  • Presentation of basic iOS concepts
  • Xcode / Xamarin Designer integration
  • Native concept: outlet, action, ViewController, etc.
  • Navigation
  • Using storyboards
  • Building a basic iOS application
  • Presentation of basic Android concepts
  • Native layout using XAML
  • Native concept: activity, intention, service, etc.
  • Building a basic Android application
  • Creating a list under iOS and Android
  • ListView / UITableView
  • Styling tables and cells
  • Presentation of the MVVM pattern
  • Presentation of basic Xamarin.Forms concepts
  • Native layout using XAML
  • Native concept: controls, pages, etc.
  • Building a basic Android and iOS application using Forms
  • Creating a list under Xamarin Forms
  • Knowing when to use Xamarin Forms or Xamarin Native
  • Deploying your applications to the App Store and Google Play
  • Good development practices

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