Managing Electronic Documents with SharePoint


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  • Duration 1 day
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To provide the knowledge and skills required to make effective use of the document management tools provided by SharePoint.

Targeted audience

SharePoint administrators and anyone managing information stored in SharePoint.


Basic familiarity with SharePoint , including lists, libraries, columns and displays (Course MS531).

Training Details


  • Introduction to information architecture
  • Tools for classifying information: column types, list columns, site columns, using files vs. columns and default column values
  • Filtering and sorting in a library
  • Working with displays
  • Working with managed metadata
  • Working with content types
  • Using sets of documents
  • Configuration
  • Information management strategies
  • Navigation: by metadata, horizontal and vertical navigation bars
  • Unique identifiers
  • Evaluations
  • WebParts for requesting content
  • WebParts for searching content
  • Content organizer
  • Managing registrations

Customer Testimonials

The SharePoint's use benefits in order to manage effectively the documentation.

Denis L. / Conseiller systèmes d'informations, Hydro-Québec

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  • Quebec City

    September 30 2019

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    October 3 2019

  • Montreal

    February 5 2020

  • Montreal

    April 6 2020

  • Quebec City

    April 7 2020

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