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Advanced Visual Basic .NET: Object-Oriented Programming

Master the object component of VB.NET


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To provide the knowledge and skills required to develop your own classes and systems of classes in a Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) 2002 / 2003 environment.

Targeted audience

All application developers.


Practical experience with Visual Basic .NET (Course MN204).

Customer Testimonials

Very interesting trainer who knows his material very well and who explains it clearly.

Marie-Josée B. / Analyste, Revenu Québec


  • Introduction to object-oriented concepts and technologies
  • Structures vs. classes: value objects vs. reference objects
  • Creating a class, definition of properties, methods and events
  • Scope and access control (Public, Private, Friend, Protected, Overrides, etc.)
  • Object construction and destruction
  • Types of classes: internal, static and abstract
  • Class libraries: creating DLLs
  • Interfaces, implementation inheritance and sub-type inheritance
  • Creating system objects: exceptions and collections
  • Object serialization
  • Creating components and controls from existing classes

General Note

Note: Although the most recent versions of Visual Studio and the .NET framework are used during the presentation of this course, features particular to the 2008 version and later versions are also covered.

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