Linux Administration

Confidently manage your Linux servers.


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To provide the knowledge and skills required to install, configure and administer Linux servers.

Targeted audience

Network specialists (other than DBAs).


Practical experience with basic UNIX commands (Course UN101).

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Very good content.

Francis G. / Administrateur de systèmes, Téléfilm Canada


  • Introduction to Linux and its various distributions
  • Architecture, including memory, tasks, I/O and modules
  • Installation and hardware support
  • Managing applications: archives and packages
  • Administrative tools such as Webmin
  • Structure and management of file systems, fdisk, LVM, ext4 tools, xfs and other, quotas, ACL
  • Administering users: system files, private groups and PAM
  • Managing processes and system journals
  • Configuration and start-up processes
  • Configuring TCP/IP networks: network interfaces, routing, DNS and diagnostic tools
  • Printer management: definitions, configuring and using CUPS (appendix)
  • Backup and recovery: strategies, dump/restore, tar, cpio and pax (appendix)
  • Configuring servers and clients for graphical XWindow programs (appendix)
  • Kernel optimization and reconfiguration (appendix)

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