Upgrading Java 8


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To provide the knowledge and skills to master the new features of Java 8.

Targeted audience

Java developers and architects.


Experience with object-oriented concepts and the Java programming language.

Training Details


  • Introduction to lambda expressions (Closure)
  • Using the new Stream API, which makes Java collections more flexible and efficient
  • Concurrent programming based on lambda expressions: Filter, Map and Reduce
  • Overview of the new library for dates, times and calendars (JSR-310)
  • Discussion of the changes to the JDK designed to make you more productive, and make programming more enjoyable
  • Review of features introduced in Java 7 that you may have missed

Customer Testimonials

Provides good explanations to known, but misunderstood concepts.

Alexandre F. / System Software Specialist, CAE Inc.

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    September 25 2020

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    December 17 2020

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