SQL Programming


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  • Duration 2 days
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To provide the knowledge and skills required to formulate queries and to update a database using the SQL language.

Targeted audience

Developers (other than supervisors), Web specialists and those working in networking positions (other than security).


Knowledge of conceptual data modeling (Course BD101).

Training Details


  • Databases and SQL
  • Data definition
  • Creating and modifying objects: CREATE, ALTER and DROP
  • Updating data: INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
  • Transactions and procedural SQL
  • Querying data with the SELECT command
  • Inner joins and outer joins
  • Self joins: joining a table with itself
  • Nested queries
  • Sorting results: ORDER BY
  • Aggregation functions: COUNT, MIN, MAX and AVG
  • Grouping with GROUP BY and HAVING
  • Set operations: union, intersection and difference
  • Data manipulation functions
  • Transactions: COMMIT and ROLLBACK
  • Controlling access to data: GRANT, REVOKE and DENY

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  • Virtual Classroom

    July 13 to July 14 2020 - CONFIRMED

  • Virtual Classroom

    August 26 to August 27 2020

  • Montreal

    October 26 to October 27 2020

  • Quebec City

    October 28 to October 29 2020

  • Virtual Classroom

    December 7 to December 8 2020

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