Oracle 12c Database Administration


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To provide the knowledge and skills required to configure and manage an Oracle 12c database.

Targeted audience

Developers and network specialists (except in security).


Knowledge of Oracle 11g (Course OR101) and system administration (Windows Server 2008 or UNIX)

Customer Testimonials

Effective and covers the entire subject in just a few days.

Alain R. / Conseiller(ère) Mise en expl. des appl., Hydro-Québec


  • Overview of the Oracle 12c database architecture (non-CDB, CDB and PDB)
  • Preparation and installation of a database following the OFA standards
  • Managing the database instance and network configuration
  • Memory structures (SGA and PGA) and configuration
  • Managing logical and physical memory (TABLESPACES and DATAFILES)
  • Managing the undo tablespace (UNDO and RETENTION)
  • The various types of tables: standard, partitioned, external, temporary
  • The various index types: B*tree, bitmap, function based, reverse key, partitioned
  • Managing security (users, privileges and roles)
  • Setting up auditing (UNIFIED AUDIT TRAIL)
  • Introduction to FLASHBACK concepts (query, table, drop table and database)
  • Backup and restore with RMAN
  • Introduction to the DATAPUMP tool


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Montreal

    October 25 to October 27 2017

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