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Optimizing Oracle 11g/12c Databases


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  • Duration 2 days
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To provide the knowledge and skills required to perform database diagnostics using effective settings in order to correct problems associated with performance.

Targeted audience

Experienced Oracle 11g database administrators.


Knowledge of Oracle (Course OR201) and of system administration (Windows Server or Unix).

Customer Testimonials

Super good trainer, good knowledge, good dynamic, interesting and useful content.

Pascal R. / Conseiller Support Applicatif, Hydro-Québec


  • The steps involved in processing SQL instructions
  • Causes of performance problems
  • The various settings that affect performance
  • Problems related to SGA, PGA and automatic memory management (AMM)
  • Generating statistics (standard, dynamic and advanced)
  • Generating and interpreting an execution plan (DBMS_XPLAN)
  • Diagnosing problems associated with temporary tablespace (TRI)
  • The various index types (B*TREE and BITMAP) and how to maximize their performance
  • Diagnosing table and index fragmentation
  • Introduction to the DB EXPRESS console
  • Managing adaptive SQL plans
  • Overview of the Oracle ADVISOR tools (memory, segment, ADDM)

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