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Fundamental Concepts of Oracle 11g/12c


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To provide the knowledge and skills required to effectively use Oracle 11g/12c.

Targeted audience

Developers, Web specialists and those in network positions.


Conceptual data modeling (Course BD101) and knowledge of a programming language.

Training Details


  • Introduction to the Oracle database (physical structure, memory structures)
  • Essential elements of data modeling
  • Overview of Oracle relational objects (tables, views, sequences)
  • Introduction to the SQLDEVELOPER environment
  • Differences between SQL and SQL*Plus commands
  • Queries, display and formatting of data in a table
  • Basic formatting functions (e.g.: TO_CHAR, TO_DATE, SUM, AVG, etc.)
  • Introduction to complex queries
  • Using simple and complex joins
  • Nested queries using the IN and EXISTS operators
  • Inserting, updating and deleting data in a table (DML)
  • Creating, modifying and deleting Oracle tables
  • Managing integrity constraints (PRIMARY KEY, UNIQUE KEY, NOT NULL)
  • Controlling user access to tables
  • Granting, confirming and revoking privileges on standard tables

General Note

Note: Even though the course is presented using Oracle Express 11g Edition, the concepts and techniques covered apply equally well to the Standard and Business Editions.

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Great teacher. The content is really satisfying.

Paul C. / Conseiller Technologique, Emergex Subventions Inc.

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