Conceptual Data Modeling

Well-structured modeling for well-structured databases


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  • Duration 2 days
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To provide the knowledge and skills required to identify the types of models, to understand the principal approaches, to construct schemas, and to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and possible improvements of a data model.

Targeted audience

Developers (other than supervisors), Web specialists, network specialists (other than security specialists) as well as those who work in purchasing and marketing...


Experience developing systems.

Training Details


  • Introduction to databases and architecture
  • Data models: conceptual, logical and physical
  • Techniques, objectives, benefits and limitations of modeling
  • The conceptual model: entities, properties, identifiers, relationships, cardinalities, rules and designing procedures
  • Normalization (1FN, 2FN, 3FN)
  • Rules for constructing schemas
  • Design procedures and strategies
  • Tips and tricks: generalization, customization, grouping
  • The logical model: tables, columns, join tables, primary keys, foreign keys, integrity constraints
  • Rules for constructing a relational schema
  • Transforming entities
  • The physical model: internal organization of data and access methods
  • The cardinality of relationships (1:1, 1:n, m:n), and attributes of associations
  • Current trends

Customer Testimonials

Very good training course that focuses on the essentials and the practical issues.

Gouré Henri S. / Président, Exergie Nord-Sud

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  • Virtual Classroom

    September 3 to September 4 2020 - CONFIRMED

  • Montreal

    October 28 to October 29 2020

  • Quebec City

    December 7 to December 8 2020

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