Microsoft Azure - Better Understanding Services, Strategies and Benefits of IaaS Cloud Computing

  • Duration 2 DAYS
  • Regular fee 945
  • Preferential fee 795?
  • Locations
    • Montreal
  • Laboratory


To provide the knowledge and skills required to make the most of Microsoft Azure Cloud – IaaS whether it is integrated or dissociated from site installations.

Targeted audience

Senior systems administrators with extensive experience in managing IT infrastructures on site, but little or no knowledge of cloud computing


Azure free trial registration (note: credit card required)


  • Presentation: what is hidden behind the clouds?
  • Microsoft’s cloud computing: Office 365 and Azure
  • Microsoft Azure and IaaS cloud computing
  • No, the Cloud is not free…
  • Infrastructure management and applications management
  • Azure Resource Manager, classic portal and PowerShell
  • Implementing nœuds isolés in Azure
  • Azure virtual servers: management, storage and networks
  • Implementing independent Cloud environments
  • Virtual networks and VPN connections
  • Authentication: ADDS Azure AD
  • Integrating on-site installations with Azure resources
  • ADFS scenarios
  • ExpressRoute connections
  • Saves and recovery with Azure
  • Optimal scenarios for using cloud computing resources

Material Note

Course material is in French.


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Montreal

    October 18 to October 19 2018

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