Stress Management

Manage your stress positively and take control of your negative emotions.


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    • Quebec City
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  • Project Management Institute 12 PDU

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To provide the knowledge and skills required to identify the mechanisms of stress and observe your own behaviours in order to use stress to your advantage and be able to.adapt to life's challenges calmly and peacefully.

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Different and very interesting way to understand stress and apply solutions.

Isabelle B. / Gestionnaire, Subventions et contributions, Ministère des Ressources Naturelles


  • Definition of stress, the phases of stress, positive and negative stress
  • Symptoms of stress and its effects on your body and surroundings
  • The main sources of stress and what influences them
  • The physiology of stress in humans
  • How to master and transform your emotions
  • How to control negative thoughts
  • Developing an anti-stress attitude
  • Developing healthy lifestyle habits
  • Achieving balance in life
  • Using communication to manage stress: communicating one's needs, setting limits, and saying no without guilt in a responsible and respectful manner
  • Managing stress in the workplace: recognizing and overcoming the symptoms and consequences of stress at work


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Montreal

    January 15 to January 16 2018

  • Gatineau

    January 22 to January 23 2018

  • Quebec City

    January 31 to February 1 2018

  • Montreal

    March 12 to March 13 2018

  • Gatineau

    April 9 to April 10 2018

  • Quebec City

    April 16 to April 17 2018

  • Montreal

    May 7 to May 8 2018

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