Improving Performance through Personality Decoding - Part 1

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    • Montreal
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  • Project Management Institute 12 PDU


To provide the knowledge and skills to understand and use advanced tools for profiling and decoding personality (as used by the CIA) in order to discover the internal and external triggers that motivate individuals.

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Critical notions to have more proactive relationships with colleagues and relatives.

Rémi L. / Conseiller principal, Développement Economique Canada


  • A personality structure model (reference, deep, shallow): its fundamental principles and variable manifestations in the character of individuals
  • Nine sources of behavioural motivation in humans
  • Rapidly decoding the structure of thoughts and attitudes, and the resulting behaviour
  • The various aspects and tendencies of personality: the why and the how of natural tendencies
  • Learning how to determine the personality of others and to ascertain the conscious and unconscious factors that motivate them
  • Essential tools for knowing oneself and others: the basis for personal and professional success
  • Understanding and predicting the attitudes of your colleagues, staying objective and adopting the right attitude with each individual
  • Body language: revealing emotional states
  • Building credibility and forming accurate perceptions of those around you
  • Pitfalls and limitations of one's personality profile, how to manage these based on context and circumstances
  • Strategies for recognizing resistance and handling delicate situations by determining sensitive issues for one's partners and colleagues


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Quebec City

    January 9 to January 10 2018

  • Montreal

    January 24 to January 25 2018

  • Gatineau

    February 12 to February 13 2018

  • Montreal

    March 5 to March 6 2018

  • Quebec City

    April 9 to April 10 2018

  • Montreal

    April 30 to May 1 2018

  • Gatineau

    May 7 to May 8 2018

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