Handle Change with Resilience

How to make change your ally.

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To provide the knowledge and skills required to better deal with periods of change. Understand the impacts and the different reactions of individuals to change. Make use of effective strategies and techniques for developing resilience and adapting successfully to change.

Targeted audience

Anyone living through frequent and intense changes in the work environment.



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Allows to broaden our understanding and our perspective of the events and offers tools for improvement.

Maryse M. / Conseillère, Soutien à la gestion, Hydro-Québec


  • Definition of resilience and its components
  • The importance of resilience in our high-speed era
  • Resilience and change
  • Assessing your tools for handling change
  • Understanding change: the psychological impacts and the phases of change
  • Challenges posed by change
  • How different attitudes affect your success at dealing with change
  • Transforming resistance into potential resources
  • Strategies for developing personal resilience
  • Seven characteristics of resilient individuals
  • Developing one's abilities to handle change
  • A personal action plan


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Quebec City

    July 7 2017

  • Quebec City

    September 15 2017

  • Gatineau

    November 3 2017

  • Montreal

    December 14 2017

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