Develop and Improve Your Memory - Part 1

How can I make it easier to remember?


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To provide the knowledge and skills required to master the various factors that influence memory and thereby enhance your memorization skills.

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Huge surprise of how useful the learned techniques can be!

Elise B. / Analyste financière, Environnement Canada


  • Types of memory (immediate, long term, procedural, etc.)
  • Difficulties with memorization: sources and solutions
  • A three-stage model of the process of memorization
  • Memorization strategies
  • The role of attention and concentration in memorization
  • The importance of forgetting
  • Selective memorization: efficiency and effectiveness
  • Tips and tricks for developing and maintaining your memory
  • The Forgetting Curve
  • Sleep and memory: better sleep makes for better memory
  • Stress and memory
  • Individual and team exercises for practicing memorization techniques


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Gatineau

    April 3 2017

  • Montreal

    May 29 2017

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