Negotiation Skills

Master negotiation strategies, techniques and styles.


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    • Montreal
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  • Project Management Institute 12 PDU

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To provide the knowledge and skills required to prepare and successfully conduct negotiations.

Targeted audience

Any person whose work mandate includes negotiation.



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Customer Testimonials

Very relevant, opens our horizons. Very practical course who adjusts well to our reality. Very dynamic trainer.

Mélanie D. / Conseillère marketing, Sobeys Québec Inc.


  • The success equation: the 4 Ps (preparation, precision, perception and perseverance), plus the 4 Cs (consistency, communication, contact with myself and contact with others) equal E (effectiveness)
  • Types of negotiation: conflict, cooperation and sales-oriented
  • Identifying oneself as a negotiator: style, strengths, traps to avoid
  • Negotiator styles: dictator, thinker, goal-oriented, visionary
  • Knowledge of self and others: identifying the other person's profile and the strategies that can be used to adapt to this profile
  • Preparation: 3 Ds (desire, data and doubt)
  • Five key elements in strategic preparation: interests, options, criteria, alternative solutions and proposals
  • Preparing for negotiating as a team
  • Concessions: what and when
  • Communication: strategies and techniques
  • Analyzing non-verbal reactions: how to adjust one's approach
  • Reaching an agreement: signs that the other party is ready to commit, and traps to avoid
  • A practice negotiation
  • The negotiator's tool kit


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Quebec City

    January 23 to January 24 2018

  • Montreal

    February 7 to February 8 2018

  • Gatineau

    February 15 to February 16 2018

  • Ottawa

    March 6 to March 7 2018 - english version

  • Montreal

    March 28 to March 29 2018 - English version

  • Montreal

    April 18 to April 19 2018

  • Quebec City

    May 2 to May 3 2018

  • Gatineau

    May 30 to May 31 2018

  • Montreal

    June 4 to June 5 2018

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