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Virtual classroom Program: Making the transition to front-line manager

Develop your full potential as a first-time manager.

  • Duration 2.5 days
  • Regular fee 1 125
  • Preferential fee 955?
  • Locations


To provide the skills and knowledge required to effectively take on future role as front-line manager/leader.

Targeted audience

Futurs managers or any secretary, administrative assistant, clerk or technician working towards the position of manager.



Special Note

15 hours in 5 sessions of 3 hours

7 pm to 10 pm


Module 1 - Managing with leadership, courage and respect

  • What is leadership?
  • What type of manager will you be
  • How to establish your credibility
  • Defensive employee reactions and positive feedback
  • Why it’s important to demonstrate managerial courage
  • The advantages and disadvantages of a managerial position

Module 2 - Essential skills for new managers

  • Understanding the organization’s vision and mission
  • Meeting budget targets and effectively managing the budget
  • The 10 essential skills every new manager should have
  • Prioritizing emergencies—why and how?
  • Managing people through the process of change
  • Instrumental and fundamental values
  • Moving from a high-performance group to a high-performance team

Module 3 - Acquiring essential communication skills for management

  • Mechanistic communication and psychological communication
  • Personal styles of communication
  • Understanding communication networks
  • Distinguishing verbal communication from non-verbal and para-verbal communication
  • 6 behaviours to adopt for better communication
  • How to properly translate thoughts into words and presentation

Module 4 - Mastering strategic reflection and political skills

  • Ethics in the business place
  • Learning to evaluate your judgment using an induction scale
  • Ethical decision-making
  • What type of manager will you be ?
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of power
  • The role of political skills in management

Module 5 - Managing through motivation by making good decisions

  • How to interact with colleagues who have now become your employees
  • How to delegate on a daily basis
  • Leading effective and motivating meetings
  • Carrying out stimulating performance evaluation meetings
  • Building your own development plan as a manager
  • Choosing between mentoring and coaching
  • The importance of networking

General Note

Please ensure you have all of the equipment required to access your online training. You will need a headset (with microphone) connected to your computer along with a Web cam.

Material Note

Training material (slides and psychometric tests) will be available for download before each online class.

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