Essential Management Skills

Everything you need to become a talented manager.

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To provide managers with the essential know-how they need to succeed.

Targeted audience

Anyone who is called upon to supervise staff members.



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Very impressed! It was the first course that keep me interested in from beginning to end.

Sophie D. / Gérante service, Sandvik Mines et Construction Canada Inc.


  • From manager to leader, five skills to develop: leadership, time management, mobilization, communication and personnel management
  • Six steps to manage performance: preparation, task definition, meetings, IDP (Individual Development Program), training and follow-up
  • Planning and organizing work: analysis and fragmentation, identifying and coordinating resources, creating schedules, the "META" technique for achieving a global view and following up
  • Specific techniques for efficient communication that is understood by everyone
  • Six steps for managing change
  • Managing teams working remotely
  • Creating synergy in a team
  • Strategies to foster loyalty: the challenge is maintaining loyalty rather than re-hiring
  • Intergenerational management
  • Time management: key principles of time management, rules and tools
  • Key factors that contribute to effective meetings
  • Presentations: techniques for successful public speaking

General Note

Note: The negotiation process is addressed in Course CH104.


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Quebec City

    January 8 to January 10 2018

  • Montreal

    February 19 to February 21 2018

  • Gatineau

    April 9 to April 11 2018

  • Montreal

    June 11 to June 13 2018

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