Female Leadership

Beyond the "Boys Club"!

  • Duration 2 days
  • Regular fee 925
  • Preferential fee 795?
  • Locations
    • Quebec City
    • Montreal
    • Gatineau
  • New course


To provide the knowledge and skills required to develop leadership and the capacity to influence people as a female leader, to optimize one's interpersonal relationships, to improve one's political and strategic capabilities, and to overcome personal limitations in order to rise in the organization and achieve one's career objectives.

Targeted audience

All women managers and aspiring managers who want to rise and secure strategic positions in the organization.




  • Identify and eliminate obstacles to female leadership and demolish the "glass ceiling": transformational leadership
  • Deepen your self-knowledge as a female leader: advanced tools for analyzing personality
  • Understanding one's qualities, development strategies, limiting beliefs and received ideas
  • Diagnosing internal blockage and resistance
  • Identifying personal values and internal sources of motivation
  • Awareness of one's image and the effects it conveys
  • Intuition, emotional intelligence and charisma
  • Strategies for building leadership and political skills, and for discovering the levers of power
  • Increasing one's influence and impact at all levels of the organization
  • Overcoming obstacles and managing conflict
  • Creating optimal conditions for team synergy
  • Developing and maintaining a work-life balance
  • Defining a personal action plan


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Quebec City

    October 2 to October 3 2017

  • Montreal

    October 25 to October 26 2017

  • Gatineau

    December 6 to December 7 2017

  • Montreal

    December 13 to December 14 2017

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