Implenting a Simplified Document Management Structure

Eliminate useless searching, protect documents and evaluate your technological tools.

  • Duration 1 day
  • Regular fee 500
  • Preferential fee 425?
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To provide the skills and knowledge required to properly classify and easily find your documents and allow those using the information to be able to access documentation at all times while keeping certain documents confidential—all using a quick, easy method that increases efficiency.

Targeted audience

Anyone involved in knowledge documentation (HR, department heads, assistants, designated employees, IT professionals or others mandated by the organization).




  • Questionnaire on documentary overview
  • Process for implementing a documentary structure
  • Key concepts on documentary management (tree structure, codification and user profiles)
  • Key concepts on standardization and documents to be standardized
  • Key concepts on technological tools (tools and systems used)
  • Interactive lectures, practical individual and group exercises, examples and tools for implementing concepts

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