Document Management: Documenting Corporate Know-how

Developing a simple, effective, visual and adapted method.

  • Duration 1 day
  • Regular fee 500
  • Preferential fee 425?
  • Locations


To provide the knowledge and skills required to put a company’s know-how into writing, standardize work documents, write in a clear and concise fashion, effectively share and communicate information and, above all, keep information up to date and valid for users by using tools adapted for improving efficiency.

Targeted audience

Anyone involved in the writing and documentation process.




  • Understanding system structure and hierarchy
  • Differentiating politics, process and procedures
  • Identifying and mapping out a process
  • Building uniform models (MASTER)
  • Key writing concepts
  • Key technological ideas (software, intranet, customized platforms and more)
  • Properly disseminating and communicating information
  • Maintain and quickly update documentation
  • Interactive lectures, practical individual and group exercises, examples and tools for implementing concepts

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