Preparing for the Federal Public Service Oral Exam in English as a Second Language

  • Duration 2 days
  • Regular fee 875
  • Preferential fee 735?
  • Locations
    • Montreal
    • Quebec City
    • Gatineau


To provide the knowledge and skills required to recognize common mistakes, improve vocabulary and master the abilities essential for success when taking the oral exam in English as a second language.

Targeted audience

Anyone who is preparing to take an oral exam in English as a second language.


Basic fluency in English.


  • Overview of the exam (what you will be evaluated on, what the tester is looking for, evaluation schemes)
  • Common errors that occur in various parts of the exam, and how to avoid and correct them
  • Vocabulary and expressions that improve the quality of your spoken English
  • Tips and tricks for speaking English in a more authentic and natural fashion
  • A wide range of practical exercises
  • How to manage stress and nervousness during the exam


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Montreal

    April 3 to April 4 2018

  • Quebec City

    May 16 to May 17 2018

  • Quebec City

    September 6 to September 7 2018

  • Montreal

    October 22 to October 23 2018

  • Gatineau

    October 24 to October 25 2018

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