Taking Notes and Writing Minutes

From note-taking to producing accurate and concise minutes.


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To provide the knowledge and skills required for pre-meeting preparation, quickly organizing ideas while taking notes, and using both proven note-taking methods and the tools needed to ensure concise meeting minutes.

Targeted audience

Administrative personnel.



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This course makes you focus on the essential of how to take notes..

Belinda B. / Technicienne administrative, Ordre des Administrateurs Agréés du Québec - ADMA


  • Meeting minutes: purpose and contents
  • Meeting agenda
  • Different meeting room layout options
  • Aspects of preparation: organization, equipment, people
  • Key information and objectives to keep in mind
  • The importance of the relationship with the meeting facilitator
  • Active and selective listening
  • What to note, and how to make note of it
  • Taking notes effectively
  • Sticking to the basics
  • Creating and using your own list of abbreviations
  • Reviewing and organizing your notes
  • General principles of readability
  • Techniques for adopting a concise and readable style


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Gatineau

    November 1 2017

  • Montreal

    December 8 2017

  • Quebec City

    December 15 2017

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